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Witt Construction Inc.

Mission Statement:
  At Witt Construction Inc. our goal is to give you the best possible choices in Living space, Design & Construction materials. Your home is built with true quality construction you will be proud of for a lifetime.

   For over 35 years Jeff Witt has been committed to excellence, building the best possible home.  His ability to encourage and enable those who work with him to achieve the very highest standards of quality has resulted in a long list of satisfied customers. It is his experience, and his commitment to quality, that shows in every Witt Home. Whether you are having a home custom built on your site or choose a site in one of our additions please consider the following reasons that have helped make us a success.

Committed to Owner Satisfaction,
Jeff Witt, Builder

Member, National Association of Home Builders 
Member, Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association 
Oklahoma Association's Board of Directors 1995-1996 
Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association's Board of Directors 1995-2000